Our history

The event that prompted me to administer an existing company ...

In 2004, an important event, the company had decided to close. The extreme confidence in the company who had trained professionally after school years has convinced us to get involved with our ideas, expertise and good will.
In 2011 we received an award from the European SME Week 2011 community that has rewarded the efforts made in recent years.

The Story ....

​​ Dario Rossi and Piero Tosches began as employees of Nuova Olpa, a company that produced small and medium series of mechanical equipment since 1975.
In 2004, it was decided to close it. Convinced that Nuova Olpa had a future, Dario and Piero decided to acquire it and direct them, thus shifting from the role of employees to entrepreneurs.
They went on investing considerably in the company, acquiring new technologies and machinery to support innovation and make production faster and more flexible.
The company has therefore been able to expand its range of products to meet demand and in 2007 concluded an agreement with the local department of the National Institute for Nuclear Research, with which prototype production began for CERN, the Organization European Geneva Research Center.
In 2008, the expansion of operating space ranged from 300 m² to 600 m² to improve our operational activity.
Despite the 2009 economic crisis hit hard, almost halving the demand, Nuova Olpa has managed to survive, increasing its production to date.
From September 2017, we will expand production facilities by acquiring a new 1000 m² adjacent area that goes beyond the current one to meet new demands from our present and future customers.

Sme Week 2011

​​ In 2011 we participated in the European SME week the secret to success in the European Parliament.

A very important event that has rewarded our company for the history, evolution and the entrepreneurial portrait created to date.

Sme Week 2011 Brochure

Link to download the brochure in pdf format

Sme Week 2011 Eng